Patty Porter candidate for Member at Large
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Latina Freedom Fighter

It’s time We the People take back the political power inherent in the People to restore our Republic.  I am Patty Porter and I am asking for your vote to represent the voice of the Grassroots/America First posse as a Member-at-Large (MAL) in the Maricopa County Republican Party.


I am a constitutional conservative that is fed up with the elected elites that bow to Federal government overreach; thereby, allowing the destruction of our Republic. I’m tired of all the talk and am taking action.


  • The Audit – use the power of the office (MAL) to move the needle on ACTION and UPDATES from AG and Legislators

  • Include the Grassroots organizations in the Maricopa County Republican website.

  • Ensure we have America First principles in future elections; i.e. smaller precincts size, paper ballots, legal oversight at polls and MTEC, physical inspection of electioneering equipment at setup, etc.

  • Advocate for equal conservative representation in voting locations, especially early voting

  • Address and correct the many weaknesses in the Elections manual prior to 2022 primaries

  • Accountability from Board of Supervisors & Recorder’s office on future elections and governance

2021 activism

  • Volunteered at the audit for all 3 phases

  • Founded a grassroots movement

  • Door-to-door canvassing on Liz Harris’ Election Integrity team

  • Demonstrated & spoke up at school board meetings against mandates

  • Held weekly demonstrations protesting the illegal aliens at our hotels

  • Request To Speak (RTS) legislative activism with AZ Free Enterprise Club & EZAZ

  • Organized medical freedom rallies at Luke AFB

  • Ongoing grassroots recruitment efforts

  • EZAZ - Club Member

  • America Pack – Legislative Team

2020 activism

  • Weekly canvassing & Phone Banking (Aug-Nov)

  • Nov’20 Poll watcher/observer



AZ Medical Freedom Events      

Keep Az Free