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  • A Member at Large is a voting member of the Executive Guidance Committee (EGC) and the Executive Board. (LD Chairs are not part of the Executive Committee)

  • The Executive Guidance Committee consists of the Maricopa County Officers, the LD Chairs and the 5 Members-at-Large (MAL)

  • The MAL members are elected every even year.

  • All 5 are elected at the same time.


Duties of the Member at Large


The duties of the EGC shall be the following:

1. Act collectively as an advisory and guidance group to the MCRC Chairman,

2. Assist the MCRC Chairman with the specific responsibilities designated for each member by the MCRC Chairman,

3. Approve or disapprove the employment of an executive director and other compensated positions,

4. Adopt a budget and consider for approval any subsequent provisions thereto,

5. Determine the salary scale of the employees of the MCRC,

6. Determine the types and amounts of bonds and insurance,

7. Perform such other duties as defined in these Bylaws and as directed by the MCRC,

8. Have the authority to adopt special rules of order or standing rules to govern its own proceedings, and

9. Approve the minutes of the Statutory Organizational and Mandatory Meetings.

The Executive Board shall conduct business that may be referred to it by the EGC and act in an advisory capacity to the MCRC Chairman

I see the MAL office as an opportunity to LEAD with change in the direction of the Grassroots/America First movement.  Maricopa County leadership has been silent regarding EVERYTHING the boots on the ground are fighting for:  election fraud, mask & vaxx mandates, CRT/SEL, illegal immigration.  We need to return to being a Constitutional Republic and it starts with Leadership.  

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